Experience the world’s wonders first-hand!

Have you had a visit to Asia in your wishlist for some year? Not sure if this continent will be right for you? I believe that in this article you will find sufficient reasons to make the final decision to travel to faraway and beautiful Asia!

Immerse yourself in a specific Asian culture

Asia consists of 48 countries that make up the most populous continent in the world. Asia is often said to be a country full of contrasts where you can see luxury villas next to poor slums. There are 3 most common religions in this area, namely Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, and thanks to them you can visit unique monuments and experience a specific atmosphere. During the sightseeing you can admire the Buddha Statues or visit the large richly decorated religious temples. The whole of Asia lives by diversity and all you have to do is absorb it and enjoy it.

Incredible lifelong experiences

Would you like to take a diving course or experience hiking through dense jungles exploding with wildlife? If you are an adventurous person, Asia is made for you! You can take cooking classes or relax with yoga overlooking the sea. Exotic Asia offers you everything you can long for – from sandy beaches, to tea plantations and swimming in waterfalls. There are also many national parks and nature reserves, where you will experience the real atmosphere of the jungle, which you will not find in Europe. You can also experience a rich evening life here, whether in the city or on the beach with a drink in hand watching the fire show. It is definitely worth mentioning the specific local transport, which is cheap and very adventurous and you will have only the best experiences with it. It’s up to you how you decide to spend the day on this continent!

Streetfood you have to taste

Forget about expensive restaurants because after the first bite, you will immediately fall in love with Asian street food. Many locals offer a “restaurant” right at their home, so you will have a gastronomic experience. Food in the markets is as cheap and as diverse as Asia itself. Food and meals are always fresh and extremely tasty, prepared right in front of you. And how to choose the right stand that will be an internship for it? Look where the locals eat and you’ve won. These booths are always the best. These markets are an experience in themselves and it would be a shame not to visit such at least once in your life.

Asia is full of wonderful places, great people and many unbelievable opportunities. Nobody could summarize  in one article what Asia can offer. If you want to experience it for yourself just seize the chance and discover the biggest continent on our planet !

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Lenka Galliková