Why EuroAsia?

A project and volunteering assistance program that is expanding our horizons and connects two continents Europe and Asia in order to provide life changing experience to young volunteers from 9 partner countries. 
Two main aims of the EuroAsia project are: building up the capacity of the youth organizations, both sending and hosting and promotion of volunteering as an essential element in active citizenship.

EuroAsia vol. I

The first edition of the EuroAsia Volunteering Assistance Programme  indicated a completely new beginning of volunteering management for the partner organization. For the first time ever, we expanded our horizons and made a connection to Southeast Asia countries. Together with the European partner organizations from Slovakia, France, North Macedonia and Czech Republic, we decided that now is the perfect moment to start a project with countries from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand) and enable the sharing of good practices and voluntary services.  During the first edition of EuroAsia project, the consortium enabled knowledge sharing among European and Asian partners as well as mapped hosting organisations in Asia where several volunteers from Europe were hosted and acquired transcontinental experience.

EuroAsia vol. II

The second edition of EuroAsia project focuses on the training of the organisations and building up on the knowledge and experience already achieved in order to create stronger Euro-Asian ecosystem and the support mechanism for volunteers and organisations. In this new edition we have enlarged the partnership with two more countries, Italy and Philippines and additionally enabled the volunteering opportunities to the Asian partners. This time young people from Europe will go to Asia for a volunteering service and Asian young people will be hosted in Europe as well. 

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