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Mladiinfo Slovakia, together with its partners from France, Italy, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand, decided to launch a project that will make a connection between the existing EU programs for volunteering and build an online platform with all necessary information regarding the volunteering in developing countries, including the non-formal education training for capacity building of the youth organisations staff with necessary skills and capacities, as well as containing a list of crucial requirements that need to be met for hosting and sending volunteers in Europe and Asia.


Volunteering is an essential element in active citizenship: by giving one’s time for the benefit of others, volunteers service their community and play an active role in society. They develop the sense of belonging to a community thereby also gaining ownership. Volunteering is therefore a particularly powerful means to develop citizens’ commitment to their society. 

Civil society organisations, associations of a European and International general interest often rely on volunteer work to carry out and to develop their activities. Therefore, particular attention is paid within Erasmus + Programme to the promotion of volunteering, in particular through the European Solidarity Corps and European AID Volunteers.

Importance of volunteering

Recognizing that the new EU MFF 2014-2020 secured some EU funds for volunteering, and retaining volunteering as a priority; noting, however, that access for volunteer organizations to other major EU funds, such as the European Structural and Investment Funds, remains very limited; stressing that volunteering has a value and importance as one of the most visible expressions of solidarity, which promotes and facilitates:

  • social inclusion,
  • builds social capital
  • produces a transformative effect on society

It contributes to:

  • the development of a thriving civil society
  • creative and innovative solutions to common challenges
  • economic growth.

This project serves as a bridge between the existing European volunteering schemes and Asian hosting organisations.

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