Project goal

To build on already started good experience of the first project and allow the youth to volunteer abroad, gain the key competencies and also to bring the know-how back into their home countries so they would be able to change something in their local community and bring some innovativeness as well.


Timeline EuroAsia vol. II

Preparatory phase

A part of preparatory phase was the Kick-off meeting which should originally take place in Philippines, however, this was moved to online space, thus enabling more then 2 participants per partner organisation to take part in the meeting.

The 3-days-long kick-off meeting took place from 17.-19. February 2021. You can find more details about kick-off meeting in our blog.

Train the trainers

The training took place online from 12. to 16. July 2021. This activity aimed at upskilling hosting and sending organisations in volunteering management. The project partners shared their own experiences with less experienced organisations. 

The training served partially as preparation for volunteering mobility in order to exchange information on cultural differences, accommodation, covid-19 situation or volunteering activities at hosting organisations.

Check the link to learn more about the training, video recordings and useful documents.

Youth Exchange

Youth exchange is a unique opportunity for you to explore other cultures together with your nationals. If you ever wondered what expects you in South-East Asia, this is a great opportunity for you to get to know better their culture, hosting organisations and role of volunteer in them.

This youth exchange aims at preparing the potential volunteers for volunteering mobility in Asia. 

Do you want to participate? Check the link below for more information.


In the second volume of Euroasia project we aim at mutual exchange of European and Asian volunteers. Thirteen (13) European participants from the partner organisations will be selected to do 3- or 6-months volunteering projects in organisations across South-East Asia.

Similarly, six (6) Asian volunteers will be hosted for 3 months in European organisations.

Do you want to go on mobility? Check the volunteering positions!

Evaluation meeting

The evaluation meeting will take place in North Macedonia and all project partner organisations will be present to go through the project activities, their impact, outcomes and follow-up activities. This meeting is planned for September 2022.

Before we reach the end of the project check the current state-of-the-art of the project and share information about this amazing project.

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