Explore our video content related to the study visits, youth exchange or training. Sharing our knowledge and experience is one of the core values for promotion of volunteering abroad and upskilling of the coordinating staff. 

Training 2021: Day 2

From 12.-16. July 2021 we hosted a capacity-building training about volunteering management covering different topics. We started with communication and needs assessment on day1 and continued with Logistics and volunteering management on day 2. 

Training 2021: Day 3

The third day of the training focused on mentorship, feedback and progress monitoring. We discussed differences between the role of project coordinator, mentor and supervisor.  We covered also strategies on finding mentors, giving feedback to volunteer as well as accepting feedback for possible improvements. 

Training 2021: Day 4

Day 4 covered crisis management. As this topic is crucial in the collaboration with organisations and volunteers in international environment, we decided to prepare a crisis management plan which will be later on published on this website. 

Training 2021: Day 5

The last of the training covered integration and security. The video includes thorough presentation on security issues from ADICE. While watching you will realise how important is to have list of emergency contacts abroad and explaining these issues during the pre-departure training.

Training for volunteering management

Best moments from the training in Slovakia during the EuroAsia vol.1. From 3th – 10th of September 2018, Mladiinfo Slovensko was a host of the training for volunteering management where 25 youth workers, EVS coordinators and partners from Europe and Asia exchanged their best practices from their work with volunteers as sending and hosting organizations. 

Volunteering opportunities in Asia I EuroAsia vol.1

Short video presentation of the volunteering opportunities in Asia during the EuroAsia vol.1 edition.