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Nongluck and Her Experience in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country where it is not attractive like France, Austria, Poland, or others. Actually, this country is better than you think. Slovakia is located in the central Europe. It is surrounded by nature and beautiful culture. People are kind, the capital city is lively, and this country, Slovakia, is the host of EuroAsia: Volunteering Assistance Program Training.

It was the second time I traveled to Europe. Actually, it was less exciting than the first time, but nevertheless it was as terryfying and worrying as the first time. The long trip started in Bangkok, and the final destination was Prague. I had only 2 -3 hours for sightseeing in the city and for seeing very beautiful architecture of Prague after arriving. It healed me from a long journey. After that, I traveled to Slovakia by train for 4 hours. The view of the buildings in the city gradually disappeared. The forests, the mountains showed up instead.

Each home was located far away. Then, I arrived in Čadca, Slovakia. It was located near the mountain in the village, and used for training. After finishing the training every day, I spend the time sightseeing in the city. I realized how beautiful this city was. Houses were decorated with flowers. People were so kind and they always wore smiles on their faces. I got fruit, especially apples without paying money every day. Slovakia is a country where atmosphere, nature, and people are great. It’s definitely not disappointing. 

EuroAsia: Volunteering Assistance Training Program was a great experience in my life.  I did not only practice my English and French language skills, but the training was focused on the working in a team of participants. Every day, we were presenters who exchanged opinions and thoughts with French, Macedonian, Slovak, Vietnamese, and Cambodian friends. Moreover, we had an activity to introduce the culture of each country. I learned more about several cultures. I had a chance to see the voluntary activity that many volunteers from each country worked on: developing the useless area by showing the artwork and they created it to be an activity center for the community.

More than that, the fruitful knowledge during the training was that I made friends with many participants. We supported each other and it made the training fun, and it made us motivated and confident enough to give an opinion. This training in Slovakia was a great and impressive experience.


Martina Kubandova