is an eco-friendly bike tour and is a Cambodian local-run company, that seeks to introduce visitors to the rich yet often unseen interiors of Battambang, Siem Reap, and Kampot. Besides taking tourists to view a truly insight of Cambodian landscape, they also believe in the power of education and the development of entrepreneurship. The ultimate aim of is to create local, empowered, and independent Cambodia employers and employees who will ultimately contribute to the development of Cambodia’s local economy and the environment.

Task involvement:

● Tour Package Development 
Blog Writing
● Communication

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The center is helping to bring the parents back home to the village, to bring the children back to school, to make Russeydom a lively village back again for hundreds of families. Join us to support our culture of peace and sustainability.

Tasks Involvement:


● Working with the local and international volunteers to provide English teaching the children who come to the class during the weekdays every afternoon. 
● Initiate activities related to the library, arts, and sports activities with the teenagers and kids.
● Community Engagement : Assisting the center manager and volunteer staff to organize solidarity events with the local people once or twice a week according the plans of the center.


● Working with the local staff and volunteers in the organic farming,
● Maintaining of the facilities,
● Join the team meeting for the improvement of the current work run at the learning center.

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The organisation works in four Cambodian provinces: Kratie, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom and Prey Veng. These provinces have high levels of rural poverty which have resulted in high levels of migration leaving the elderly and youth with limited social support. Youth Star works directly in these provinces through a community led process to identify key issues related to youth and literacy and specifically how a graduate volunteer can support the community to address these issues.

Tasks Involvement

● Assist the local volunteers to provide the education activities to the below average students as tutoring lessons.
● Initiate the community engagement activities with the children, and local people as parts of inspiring method to promote education within the local level.
● Participate in the development meeting with the local authority which is done once a month in the commune office.
● Involve in the monthly planning with the local team, youth club, reading clubs, and awareness campaigns when it’s needed.
● Be role model for the youth in promoting active citizenship and responsible students.

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Learning and sharing the intercultural and language still are the main purpose. The volunteers can share and learn culture, language, and knowledge with the local community and children in school.

Main Tasks for the volunteers:

● Volunteers are mainly creating non-formal education in English class with English teachers.
The teacher at the school can give the advice (do not expect this point too much even the teachers are also shy to speak out in English or even could not communicate in English)
● You also get the volunteer’s history report book which last volunteers wrote what they did and information you need.

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Southern Thai Studies

 The officers of the Institute for Southern Thai Studies had high motivation to exchange with international volunteers about culture and language. They asked the international volunteers contribution in their culture seminar activities. The Institute Southern Thai Study is the great museum in the south with a fantastic view, located on the hill on Yor Island, Songkhla.

Main Tasks for the volunteers will be: 

● Volunteers will support the museum, learn Southern Thai culture,
● The volunteers will receive training to be a guide for tourist visiting and clean the antiques in the museum.
● Help with the promotion of the museum to the tourists.
● Help with cleaning and every day activities to maintain the museum.

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Thaksin University

Thaksin University is a public university in Southern Thailand.  It is an Muang Songkhla District, Songkhla Provice. It is about twenty kilometres from Hat Yai District.

The main tasks for the volunteers would be: 

● Help in various English activities called socioeconomic and cultural learning programme at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Economics, Thaksin University.
● Help to encourage the Economics students to practice their English with foreigners at least once a week.
● Each volunteer will be assigned to talk to our students in different topics (presentation of home countries, society, culture, topics which related to volunteer’s interests such as sport, tourism, life experience, hometown etc.).
● Leading discussion with the students and other interactive activities to involve the students.
 Volunteers will be working with 2nd to 4th year Economics students,
● Have an informal English conversation class for our Thai lecturers.

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The Centre for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub) is a Vietnamese, non-governmental, notfor-profit organization co-founded by three Vietnamese experts with significant project experience in biodiversity conservation, community development, capacity building and networking. 

Activities include:

● Review and analysis of website content and platform (including demographics, strengths and weaknesses, action plan, etc.)
● In-depth stakeholder needs analysis.
● Development of plan for revising website that can be implemented by GreenHub with their current resources.
● Preparation of a simple communications plan that can be implemented by GreenHub with their current resources.
● Other: culture exchange and support in networking with other volunteers.

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one of the leading worldwide post-production providers for real estate marketing industry, specializing in 2 – 3D photo, video, and IT solutions. 

● Write inspiring story with character from real life, who are employed at Imagtor 4 articles for facebook and website posts, plus images.
● Write posts about some social events that Imagtor took part in 2 events. Detail input will be found…
● Produce articles about the connection between Will to Live and Imagtor .
● Manage social media.

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