Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) is an Informal Education organization and also a social enterprise that is collaborating with international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds. The work of VSA Thailand is based on the belief that, by learning, sharing, understanding and reducing conflicts, we can achieve our final goal of PEACE.

Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) was started in 2008 as SAWASDEE Thailand (ST) and organized the first international workcamp in 2009. VSA is a full member of NVDA (Network Voluntary Development in Asia) and CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service). We are promoting International Voluntary Service (IVS) in Thailand.

VSA Thailand co-ordinates international voluntary projects for people of all ages.


  • Short-Term Workcamp (STV) 2 weeks workcamp in every month mostly in Thailand.
  • Mid-Long Term Volunteer (MLTV) Volunteer work with local partners in 1 – 12 months.
  • Outgoing Project Sending Thai volunteers to international voluntary workcamps abroad.
  • Group Workcamp the voluntary work in similar nationality.
  • Weekend Workcamp Available workcamp in the weekend for VSA members.
  • Special Projects participate in any peace and education activities of locals or international partners.
  • Inter Cutural and Language learning centre.

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