Southern Reginal of Informal and Informal Education Institute is the open space for everyone to create the social benefit event as well as volunteer to support activities for the community.

The center started to received volunteer in 2017 to renovated the center and support in organic farming of community. Southern Reginal of Non-Formal and Informal Education Institute was established on 5 January 1977 to support non-formal education for children or adult who lack the opportunity to study in formal education. And to support the community on education center providing.


What is the centre doing?

  1. Organizes non-formal education by requesting or community.
  2. Research and development of informal education in the context of Southern Thailand.
  3. Promotes and support to use of information technology for effective use in educational institutions in southern Thailand.
  4. Promotes and develop the academic quality of the educational innovation media curriculum in line with the lifestyle and culture of the people in the South.
  5. Promotes and support educational institutions and personnel to meet the quality standards and quality of education.
  6. Contributes to the development organization management system and coordinate with partners to support the community.
  7. Organises personnel development training for the organization’s human resources and partners network.

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