There is still a gap between city and country in Thailand.

“We need volunteers to give more opportunity for the children and people in the countryside to link between global and local, improve the local/global situation of natural environment, culture, poverty and human rights, support local NGOs, and self-sufficiency and human development of local community, promote friendship, understanding, and solidarity among world youth and local people.”

Somdejya Learning Community Demonstration School, Bodhivijalaya College Srinakharinwirot University Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai is alternative school and learning center for hill tribes children who come from poor family and very remote area on the mountain. This learning center is provided them with free education, accommodation, food and occupation training as important as culture conservation of their culture.

There are 58 students from 12 – 15 years old. They are Karen and Hmong hill tribes.

  • Creative teaching English – Teaching certificate does not need for specific quality of volunteer but creative is the one of yours. Aims of creative teaching are given the chance for people in the village or the place nearby have the opportunity to communicate with different language, touch difference culture, and belief. The volunteers will go to primary school nearby homestay or practice English for local people in the village.
  • The volunteers would do the activities base on InterCultural and Language (ICL) with the games, song, storytelling, and dancing. They should focus on communicationm listening and speaking.
  • School renovation – The students’ accommodation needs to renovate as it quite old and made from the basic material. We could make them more beautiful and in a good condition to be a good atmosphere for them to live and learn. The volunteers could help on construction the new building for the learning center.
  • Farming – Working together at the small farm with the local students in 5 different occupation training farm as their have to work on these in daily.
  • Ecotourism – There are many interesting places to visit in the community such as Buddhist temple, waterfall, national park etc. The volunteer would go to visit this places and collecting garbage, promoting recycle and keep the place clean.

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