Centre of leisure time Luzanky is a regional organization formed by the Region of South Moravia. Their goal is to offer free time activities for people of all the age and social groups. Luzanky has existed for more than 65 years and it’s the oldest and also the biggest leisure time centre in the Czech Republic.

Luzanky is formed by 11 centres situated in the different parts of the city. They offer about 600 courses and hobby groups for more than 11 000 participants every year. During the school year they organize about 400 different events, also they do organize clubs of different topics and interests. Every summer centre of leisure time Luzanky organizes the summer camps and various courses for the children, youth and adults. During the school year, they offer also the education programs for the schools in Brno. Their philosophy is to create the conditions to fulfil the interests of all the branches of leisure time activities for all the age and social groups.

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