SEGA  is a national platform of youth organizations dedicated to lobbying for needed legislative changes as well as committed to supporting youth activism, access to information and participation of young people in activities for solution of their problems. Youth Council Prilep and two partner organizations led the initiative to establish a Coalition of youth organizations to apply and implement the project “National Youth Action Plan”.

  • MISSION: SEGA works on development and implementation of youth policies at local and national level, connects and strengthens youth organizations aiming to activate youth and improve the conditions for their personal and professional development in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • VISION: Youth influence the changes and the development of Macedonia, participate in the decision making at national and local level for issues that directly concerns them. SEGA as a sustainable and developed youth coalition enables youth to believe in themselves, to accomplish their interests, to create and to build.

SEGA organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps. They work with local and international volunteers, as well as they are active as EVS sending organization.
You can read more about their EVS possibilities on the following link:

More information on the official website.