The Association of Young Roma is a non-profit organization, which enters actively into all processes connected with Roma communities in Slovakia. AYR realised research on the Roma population living style and conditions to find as an exact picture about the situation of the Roma population in Slovakia. The principal goal of AYR is to unify the intellectual potential of young Roma generation and the direct help with the social and working inclusion into society. The philosophy is based on the systematic and long-term influence on the Roma population, physically and socially disadvantaged citizens and low-income families through various projects and programs.


300 Roma and non-Roma spent one week together in Romania, Cluj-Napoca in order to raise their voices against discrimination of Roma people in Europe. Through various workshops, participants had the chance to learn about the Roma Holocaust, school segregation, human rights, Roma handicraft, forced eviction and Roma music. The event paid particular attention to the local case of evicted Roma families: in one of the coldest winter days of 2010, Roma families were forcibly evicted to inhumane conditions to Pata Rat, nearby the city’s former waste dump. In order to raise awareness and show solidarity with the evicted families, 300 participants marched together with people from Pata Rat on Friday, July 17. Each workshop prepared a presentation for the final festival of the event, in form of an exhibition, flashmob, video and musical performance. The week was closed by the fantastic concert of the Hungarian Roma band, Parno Graszt.