Asociace DICE – Development Initiatives for a Common Europe, z. s. is a non-profit, non-governmental association founded in the region of Zlín in the south-east Moravia. The motivation comes from providing the opportunities and raising the European awareness in the place slightly excluded due to geographical obstacles, from where a lot of people recently feels a need to leave and look for opportunities elsewhere. The organisation is basically aiming at creating opportunities here. The main area of focus is the support of non-formal education, dialogue and active citizenship of local youth and to create the platform for personal development.

Speaking of founders, they are former ex-EVS. The idea of having their own association actually came during their EVS placement in TDM 2000 in Sardinia (Italy), where they met. As a sending organisation, they have sent 6 people so far to EVS projects across Europe (since 2016). On the local level, different events or presentations at Tomas Bata University or other local projects in Zlin (Zivy Zlin, Voda pro vsechny). They also include volunteers to our E+ projects and often volunteer there themselves.