The agency was established with the aim of initiation, realisation and coordination of strategic activities for the multilateral and dynamic development of Gemer region in the following areas:

  • coordination of the regional development with regards to operational programmes of the National Strategic Reference Framework of the Slovak Republic for the programme period 2007-2013,
  • support of activities in the area of acquiring of domestic and foreign grants for development projects of particular areas (development of human resources, business, investments, education, development of infrastructure, environment, tourism…),
  • the building of partnerships and development of cooperation with regional development subjects within the inter-regional and cross-border cooperation,
  • raise of public awareness by organising of trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences, classes, exhibitions and presentations of regional projects,
  • information providing, counselling and consultancy in the area of drawing of structural funds of the EU and other financial resources,
  • implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects for the regional development,
  • the creation and update of regional information systems and databases,
  • promotion of regional development in Slovakia and abroad,
  • support of foreign investments and establishing of business incubators and industry parks.

Within EVS the agency has sent a young person from Gemer region, Alena Kurajdova, for EVS to Uruguay. Thanks to that Alena get a chance to work in regional development agency in Uruguay and by that gain life experience which helped her in personal and also professional growth and provide her with knowledge and skills which she can implement in home region. The agency does not only send but also host foreign volunteers who can enrich the region by enthusiasm, bringing new points of view and exotic culture that can help in community development of the region. 


Within youth work is agency active in community organizing (project “My Town”), agency also helps with forming of youth groups in the region (forming of Youth Parliament of Hnusta), organizes creative workshops with inclusive and educative aspect (Summer roller blind I. and II.) and various lectures and trainings with non-formal character (e.g. training of community organizing). Museum of socialist curiosities uses the agency for community education in form of creative activities and workshops thanks to which can older generations bring memories about past and younger generation will get more familiar with past of generation of their parents and grandparents. (project Stopy). From 2010 is agency regional information point of EURODESK – European information network which task is to provide information and gives advice to youngsters and all who are professionally involved in youth work. From 2015 the agency is the member of Youth Council of Banska Bystrica self-governing region.