Suan Plakwa started working with VSA since 2017 by receiving volunteers to work on the farm. Suan Plakwa is a local organic agriculture learning center in Klonghoikhong, Songkhla providing knowledge about organic agriculture and sustainable sufficiency living theory of Thai 9th King Rama.

The world’s food problem is growing and making one’s own food is important in the 22nd century. The organic farm´s network partners have been running small organic farms in their families, therefore the centre came up with the idea to support them with the volunteers in order to eat fresh food from the farm.

“We grow what we eat, We eat what we grow!”

Volunteers learn here to share various planting ways between Asia and Western styles. Can experience how it feels to work on an organic farm with the family. Volunteers learn and share organic farm through local agriculture philosophy. Volunteers prepare soils, plant and take care of plants by watering them.