OZ Barlička was established in 1999 as an association of parents of children with severe health disadvantages.

“By doing our job we try to eliminate the barriers that prevent people with special needs to apply to society. For 15 years, we have been improving the quality of life for people with health disabilities, supporting them in their efforts to live independently and integrate into society.”

In 2003, home of social services with an outpatient form of social service provision was established. They are based in the Social Services Center in Prešov. In the following years, it was supplemented by Protected Workshops, Physiocentrum and Practical School.

Since 2010, the organisation is also dedicated to the elderly. Gradually, the Seniors’ Equipment, Day Care Station and Specialized Equipment were created. They have created a mutually linked support system in which it is possible to choose the type and level of support the older person needs.

In recent years, the association has endeavoured to gain the experience gained and to shift it to the next generation of parents. That is why they have opened the maternity center and children are also working in our free time center and early intervention centers.

“We strive to apply human-oriented approaches and integrate various innovative approaches into our action, modern therapies and new methods, hosting and broadcasting of young people with disabilities, international exchanges and work camps and training work skills and habits within volunteer work teams.”