Nonprofit organization offering extraordinary experiences, personality development and meaningful leisure time for young people through international volunteer activities and non-formal education. The vision of the organisation is active people with healthy self-confidence, tolerance, critical thinking, general attitude and willingness to help their surroundings. The mission is to help young people in their personal development through international volunteering, informal learning and meaningful leisure time.

In Slovakia, INEX has been the only organization of its kind since 1993. The activities are aimed for young people, leaders, youth workers, volunteers and the wider public. Thanks to the membership in the international networks of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations and Service Civil International, INEX is able to offer volunteers more than 2,000 projects in 80 countries worldwide. This Youth Organization in Slovakia is part of the Youth Council of Slovakia.

INEX Slovakia is an active hosting and sending organisation. They have hosted already 30 EVS volunteers since 2009 and from the same year, 2009 they have sent more than 100 volunteers to the projects abroad.