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Asia Volunteering positions

Disaster recovery in Philippines

Disaster recovery


Your role

Aside from the global pandemic that every country is facing today, the Philippines is also battling natural calamities like typhoons every year. The Philippines is prone to tropical cyclones due to its geographical location which generally produce heavy rains and flooding of large areas and strong winds which result in heavy casualties to human life and destructions to crops and properties.

As this is an Emergency Call for Volunteers for a Disaster Response, no fixed programme can be provided. Hence, great flexibility is expected from the volunteers. The volunteers are expected to help on the following:

  • Disaster Response
  • Disaster Mapping
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Disaster Preparedness

Another Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project will be merged in the EVAP Project: DISARTY – Restoring Disaster Area through Community Based Tourism Youth-Led. DisArTY (Restoring Disaster Area through Community Based Tourism Youth-Led) aims to facilitate countries affected by natural disasters to develop strategies that guarantee the recovery of their human activity. These strategies will be based on community-based youth-led activities because they involve the communities that control, manage and develop their own tourism industry and represent a sector in which especially young people have an important role to play as the most dynamic and innovative part of this field.

The volunteers should expect activities and tasks related to DisArTY which may involve research, FGDs (Focus Group Discussions), seminar/training facilitation, among others.

Qualification & prerequisites

  • a strong motivation to work in team as a teamplayer or leader.
  • Be able to communicate in English (listening, reading,speaking and writing)
  • Believe in volunteering work changes people lives
  • Self-motivated and ability to managed their own time

Volunteers from Slovakia, France and Italy are eligible for this position.

Accomodation & Food

Due to the recent super typhoon RAI that hit Bohol, volunteers should be very flexible in terms of accommodation. We will, however, try our best to provide a comfortable setup and environment to the volunteers.

The volunteers will be placed in different sites in Bohol islands and will be staying in different accommodation during the 3 months volunteering period as each site are not close from each other. Thus, we will be providing a motorcycle that the volunteers can use as the public transportation in the island is quite limited. The volunteers may expect to be hosted in a Single/Shared bedroom. We cannot guarantee that electricity, mobile signal or internet connection will be available at all times, but we will, however, try our best to provide, if possible.

The volunteers will be staying in a hotel in Tagbilaran City upon their arrival in Bohol for their on-arrival orientation. During the orientation, they will be required to do a courtesy call to the governor of Bohol, and they will be visiting all the volunteer placement sites and will meet their mentors.

The volunteers will receive a monthly allowance that they will use to buy food, pay for local transportation (if volunteer can’t/won’t drive a motorcycle and prefers to take the local transportation instead), buy mobile phone prepaid cards for communication. Otherwise, a motorcycle will be provided to volunteer.

Visa & travel arrangements

Due to the current situation all of volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated with one of European medicine agency recognized vaccine. Information on Covid-19 restrictions can be found here. More information on green countries for Philippines (no Covid-19 restrictions) can be found here. Otherwise, 3-day long quarantine is required.

Visa procedure takes up to 1 month. The visa has to be arranged prior to the departure. More information can be found here.


The sending and hosting organisation will give further information to the volunteers. The sending organisations are:

Hosting organisation

Bridging The Gaps Organization – BTG, Inc. (BTG Philippines) is a non-governmental, non-profit, youth-serving organization based in Quezon City, Philippines that highlights the chief role the youth plays in mobilizing disadvantaged communities, while enabling itself in the process to grow as a more responsible and engaging component of local and international societies by using its skills, knowledge, and advocacies in the organization’s four thematic pillars namely (1) Education, (2) Environmental sustainability, (3) Microfinance and Entrepreneurship, and (4) Culture and Heritage.

more information: https://btgphilsorg.wordpress.com/

BTG – Bridging the Gap, Philippines

Phone: +63 9179567215 | +632 4355900
Email: admin@btgphils.org
Address: Unit 408, 4th floor, Liberty Place Building, 96 Xavierville Avenue, Brgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1108 Philippines


1. Dalareich Chocolate House http://dalareichchocolatehouse.com/

Dalareich Chocolate House is a social enterprise making bean-to-bar chocolates from locally grown cacao planted by smallholder farmers from different small towns of her own province Bohol; known also of its famous “Chocolate Hills”.

2. Buenaventurada Farms http://buenaventuradafarms.com/

Buenaventurada Farms is a family-owned organic farm located in Carmen, Bohol that can help alleviate poverty amongst farmers have resulted to a reality. We are Buenaventurada Farms, “Quality produce from the heart of the Chocolate Hills.”

3. Bohol Bee Farm https://www.boholbeefarm.com/

Bohol Bee Farm is a Social Tourism Enterprise that gears toward encouraging and inspiring local farmers to practice Organic farming. They also introduce and teach the local farmers different livelihood activities they can pursue in tandem with farming, and assist them in marketing their products to make such activities sustainable. They highly value the principle of giving back to our communities, and to society. Furthermore, they ardently support an agricultural development that leads to healthier soils and diverse agricultural ecosystems, conditions that help promote a better environment.


According to a report issued in 2019 by the Institute for Economics and Peace, the Philippines is the country most vulnerable to climate change

Between 1958 and 2014, the Philippines experienced a 0.62°C increase in yearly average mean temperature, with the rate of change increasing over time.

Climate change has resulted in an increase in the amount and intensity of rainfall, with more rainy days observed in recent decades.

Climate change events including sea level rise, increased frequency of extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and heavy rainfall all pose a threat to the Philippines.

This is due to the country’s vulnerability to natural dangers such as typhoons and droughts, reliance on climate-sensitive natural resources, and extensive coastline, which are home to the country’s main cities and most of the population.

Coastal flooding poses the greatest threat to the urban poor, many of whom live in makeshift shelters.

Read more here: https://www.futurelearn.com/info/futurelearn-international/climate-change-philippines

Hence, if possible, we would like to receive volunteers who can help us educate Filipinos and advocate on how to combat climate change. Of course, experts from the Philippines will also help the volunteers to achieve this. As we mentioned that it will also be a learning opportunity for the volunteers.

How to apply?

The applications for this position are open. You can apply for this position by contacting the sending organisation according to the country you come from or where your residence is.

Mladiinfo Slovakia

Phone: +421 911 233 180
Email: volunteers@mladiinfo.sk, projects@mladiinfo.sk
Address: Staré Grunty 36,
841 04, Bratislava


Phone: +38978370987
Email: kriksending@gmail.com
Address: st. Karadzica 6
1000 Skopje, Macedonia



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