Ban Kuan Kob school started receiving volunteer from VSA Thailand since 2011 and supporting as a host family.

Ban Kuan Kob School established in 1976 by Mr Pin Kwanrat the resident of the community. With his team Mr. Narit Maharong the director of Kao Rang school, they set up Kuan Kob school by received land donation. In 1979, the school has been received the budget to build the classroom building and separate the management from Kai Rang school, be created a new name as Ban Kuan Kob School.

In the present, Ban Kuan Kob school has totally 79 students from kindergarten and primary, 4 teachers 1 staff, 1 kindergarten nanny, 1 special student teacher and 1 administrator.


Learning and developing under sharing and warming environment.


Improve the quality of learners to meet the standard criteria. By focusing on a variety of learning processes. Developing the teachers and staffs. Improving the environment and providing learning atmosphere, conducive to learning management. Giving the opportunity to the community to be involved in education management.


  1. The students are of standard quality with academic excellence.
  2. Contribute the different students to learn a variety of learning by doing
  3. Teachers and educators work professionally.
  4. The school has a beautiful and properly learning environment.
  5. Communities are involved in education.

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